Working in a college town has its up and downs. In my line of work I get to get all kinds of people. Currently I work installing cable TV. Business is good in our city and I am always busy. Except for that Wednesday afternoon. I remember that day because it was the day I met Trina. She is a college freshman (second semester) and a beautiful 19 year old girl. She was my only call so far. I arrived at her father’s huge mansion and knocked on the door. When she opened the door I was amazed at her beauty. She invited me in and showed me the rooms she wanted cable. Instantly I noticed that she was bare foot. Her feet were about a size seven with slender toes that were perfectly formed. Her toenails looked freshly painted, and they were a deep red color. Trina’s feet were the creamiest shade of white and I noticed how nicely it contrasted with her toes. As she showed me around I had a hard time not looking at her feet as she walked. I had to concentrate on my work so I focused on fixing her cable tv. Once I finished Trina told me she didn’t have any check or money in hand so I asked her how will she pay. By the constant look of her feet she quickly understood what I needed in terms of payment. Oh man was I ever nicely paid for my services. I worshiped her feet and toes for awhile and then she finished me with a mind blowing footjob I will not soon forget 😉

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